[c]/ədˈvæns / (say uhd'vans), /-ˈvans/ (say -'vahns)

verb (advanced, advancing)
verb (t)
1. to move or bring forwards in place: the troops were advanced to the new position.
2. to bring to view or notice; propose: *The arguments he advances don't seem compelling –dal stivens, 1986.
3. to improve; further: to advance one's interests.
4. to raise in rank; promote.
5. to raise in rate: to advance the price.
6. to bring forwards in time; accelerate: to advance growth.
7. to supply beforehand; furnish on credit, or before goods are delivered or work is done.
8. to supply or pay in expectation of reimbursement: to advance money on loan.
9. Archaic to raise, as a banner.
verb (i)
10. to move or go forwards in place or time; proceed: *the diseases of the white man, extended without remorse, destroy and daily diminish the race of Aborigines as the squatter advances. –russel ward, 1966.
11. to improve or make progress; grow: to advance in knowledge; to advance in rank.
12. to increase in quantity, value, price, etc.: stocks advanced three points.
13. a moving forwards; progress in space: an advance to the sea.
14. advancement; promotion: an advance in rank.
15. a step forwards; actual progress in any course of action: *Exciting advances in science developed alongside appalling tortures. –rodney hall, 1987.
16. (usually plural)
a. an effort to bring about acquaintance, accord, understanding, etc.: *He feared to make advances to men of superior type lest he should be rebuffed –xavier herbert, 1938.
b. an indication of a wish to engage in sexual activity: *Marriage also afforded women some protection against the advances of other men. –anne summers, 1975.
17. addition to price; rise in price: an advance in cottons.
18. Commerce
a. a giving beforehand; a provision of something before an equivalent is received.
b. the money or goods thus provided.
c. a loan against securities, or in advance of payment due: *Sue and I scraped together twenty-five dollars from advances on pocket money –gabrielle carey and kathy lette, 1979.
19. Military Obsolete the order or a signal to advance.
20. US the leading body of an army.
21. made or given in advance: an advance payment.
22. issued in advance: an advance copy.
23. advanced; having progressed beyond others or beyond the average: an advance student.
24. going before.
25. advance against (or on), (of an army) to attack.
26. advance on, to move towards, especially threateningly.
27. in advance,
a. before; in front.
b. beforehand; ahead of time: he insisted on paying his rent in advance.
{Middle English avaunce(n), from Old French avancier, from Late Latin abanteāre, from abante from before}
advancer, noun
advancing, adjective

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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